Isn’t it strange how one day you think or write something and the very next day something else happens to make it true.  My rant about a gentler form of capitalism and the call for more organisations to live by a higher set of values was followed almost immediately by Google’s decision to pull out of China unless censorship was withdrawn.

I’m not trying to claim any moral high ground here or even demonstrate that I was right.  In fact, I was beginning to feel that my views would be seen by some as rather naive.  So it was with some relief and delight that I read about the Google developments.  Here’s a company prepared to put $350m of turnover at risk in taking a stand on what they believe to be right.  Not a small decision.  Good for Sergey Brin!

What is striking is that it takes a relative brand infant (how long has Google been around?) to show the way.  How refreshing!  Would that some of the more established global players toadying up to China might be prepared to put business at risk to be seen to champion the human rights we take for granted in the west.  On a smaller scale, would that companies might be prepared to fire senior managers who don’t adhere to their organisation’s values.

Google have just taken a huge step forward in the creation of trust – with their customers, their employees and anyone else who’s heard of them.  It’s enough to make you buy one of their new ‘phones…