Business is about more than making money

Business is a force for good, when it is focused on the needs of all its stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the community. All stakeholders need to engage with and see value in the brand for it to be sustainable. I help clients identify and balance the proposition against the needs of each stakeholder.

The brand is the business

Brand is often confused with logo and marketing communications. So discussions revolve around how it should look, what should be said and how much money should be spent.

I regard brand as the result of everything the organisation does and says. So my focus is on helping clients understand what the brand stands for and align the entire business to that idea.

It’s about alignment not spend.

It’s more mental than physical…

Typically, when organisations consider their identity or brand, they think about its physical manifestations – the products and services they deliver. Rarely are they very different from the competitors’ offerings.

The reality is that the real drivers of brand and the potential differentiators are the psychological and emotional components – purpose, beliefs, values, attitudes, goals, motivation, engagement, behaviour.

When I work with clients on their brand, this is my main focus and invariably more time is spent inside than outside the organisation dealing with these often challenging issues.

Purpose and values drive the brand

All businesses should have an inspirational purpose that motivates its employees and attracts customers. The purpose should be supported by a set of core values that inform decision-making and drive behaviours. I work closely with clients to define their purpose and values and help bring them to life in the business.

We are all brands

Branding doesn’t just apply to companies and products. Each of us has a personal brand. The question is whether or not we are aware of it and choose to manage it.

Having a strong and authentic personal brand is about understanding your purpose in life, setting clear goals and living by your core values.