I don’t pretend to have all the answers

I’m an expert at what I do, but my clients are experts at what they do. Every client and every situation is different.
You know your situation better than anyone. So my approach is to listen a lot and work closely with you to reach the right solutions for you.
Sometimes that means acting as a consultant. More often it means coaching – asking the right questions to clarify your goals, help you have insights, develop solutions and overcome obstacles.

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I help put brand at the centre

Few organisations are truly brand-led. So I work hard, with you, to put the customer and the brand at the heart of the organisation’s agenda. This takes patience and impatience!

I work with you to join the dots

Brand, marketing, business development, communications and selling are often treated as separate disciplines. They should be integrated so that everything the organisation does and says supports the central brand idea. This takes some work!