Good brand management needs better brand measurement

What gets measured gets managed. More attention to monitoring brand health would put brand higher up the leadership agenda.

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Mind the gap!

Brand, marketing, communications, business development and selling are an unbroken continuum. A truly integrated approach will drive real business success.

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“Brand Me”

Thinking about your personal brand can make it easier to appreciate the nature of organisational brands.

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Be different, invest in your employer brand

Leadership teams should pay more attention to the management of their employer brand as a potential source of differentiation.

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Don’t communicate, innovate

Innovation is a more effective driver of brand quality and growth than communication. Professional services firms need to act on this.

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Trust – the real battleground

Levels of trust in public institutions and corporations have never been lower. Yet trust is fundamental to any brand. How does this affect professional services firms?

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Sustainable branding

A new approach to creating a more sustainable, values driven brand.

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Brand matters in a recession

Many companies respond to recession by cutting the marketing budget and running for cover.

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Are your business developers match fit?

Assigning a business development coach to your partners could transform their performance.

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Coaching v Managing

Coaching is more effective than managing. How can you become an effective team coach?

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The Inner Game of Branding

Successful branding can take a leaf out of sports performance coaching.

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The Twitter Brand

The rise of social media could spell an opportunity for those that grasp its implications for brand.

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Staff Engagement? It’s All About Winning The Race…

Engaging staff, especially when times are tough, is about reminding them of why we’re in business – to create the strongest brand, build market share, beat the competition and be No 1 – and involving them in winning the race.

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One question you really should ask…

“Net Promoter Score”® offers a simple way to measure brand experience, monitor client relationships and even predict future growth.

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Conscious Branding – a challenge for the professions

This article explores Conscious Capitalism and what it might mean for professional services and their brands.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Geoff Dodds discusses the importance of culture to professional services brands, how to measure it and what to do about it.

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Sales through coaching

Geoff Dodds explores the power of coaching when applied to selling professional services.

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On the legs…!

Geoff Dodds, consultant and rower, shares some reflections on what rowing can teach CEOs

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Less is more

Geoff Dodds takes a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at how this mantra can benefit branding, marketing, selling and life in general.

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The authenticity deficit

Is authenticity the ‘holy grail’ of branding and, if so, how do service organisations achieve it? Geoff Dodds has some ideas.

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Which comes first – the leader or the brand?

Does politics have something to teach us about shaping an authentic brand? Geoff Dodds looks at recent events.

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Happy people make happy brands

Geoff Dodds looks at how to create the kind of positive culture that can lead to an inspirational brand.

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