Elford Consulting – Sustainable Change

Keith Elford has been helping leaders of organisations across the sectors make the changes required for sustainable success since 1998. His work is based on a systemic understanding of what makes organisations effective and efficient and embraces both the hard and soft factors involved. He helps leaders understand and respond to the challenge in the changing environment; nurture and develop behaviours, mind-set and identity in such a way as to allow and support change – and to get results in the present. He is particularly adept at helping clients manage the human dimension of change. He helps people think differently about what they do, make sense of new challenges both rationally and emotionally and consequently operate in different ways to get different outcomes.

Keith is also an Anglican priest and has a passion for finding ways of recognising and realising the ‘connectedness’ of life. He likes to cross or break down the barriers so characteristic of society today, those that separate the ‘private’ worlds of, for example, business, the arts and community. ‘Creating the Future for the Church’, his book applying principles of organisational success to the Church of England, was published in September 2013.