Boris Johnson – probably the best brand in Westminster.


So what can we learn from the Boris case study in brand development?


A man with a clear vision and mission – he knows where he’s going and he believes he knows where London (and the country) needs to go. He anticipates and plans for the future.

Precise positioning – compassionate conservative, ecologically attuned.

Strong core values – not dictated to by focus groups – he stands for what he believes.

Bold personality – bumbling, quintessentially English, posh toff, outrageous, funny, self deprecating.

Striking visual identity – the hair is almost as well recognized as the Nike swoosh.

High profile – never misses an opportunity to be seen or heard, piggy backs on any major event.

Strong brand associations – Boris Bikes, Boris Island, Boris Cycle Lanes.

All the components of a successful brand.  It’s so good, you could almost believe it was the work of a brand agency.  Or perhaps not….