Our painter is a model of outstanding customer service.  Nothing is ever too much trouble.  He delivers a great end result and is always a pleasure to have around the house.  Which makes the story of a recent experience with his bank even more entertaining.

He was taking cash from the cash machine outside his bank, when he decided that he really needed to see the bank manager to discuss his business.  Actually, from where he was standing, he could see the bank manager in his office.  So he rang the bank and spoke to India.  Asking if he could arrange to see the bank manager, he was told that the helpline couldn’t fix that.  He would have to speak to Newcastle.  Newcastle rang him back and he once again asked if he could see his manager.  He was told that the manager was too busy to see him.  He could still see the manager walking around his office, but he might have been in another country for all that was worth.

What have we done to customer service?